So.....who the heck are we?

Urban Herbals is a small, family owned and operated, grassroots health and wellness company.  Our focus is on helping people achieve their wellness goals by making them fun, easy, and accessible.  Each of our products is formulated using only the best natural and organic ingredients as nature intended!  Eliminating the use of unnatural, lab synthesized ingredients, we ensure only the best quality products make it from our kitchen to your home.  To ensure quality control all of our products are made in small batches.  Our personal relationship with our clients allows us to remain in tune with you, the consumers, needs.  By making real products, for real people, with real ingredients, we are excited and honored to be on the cutting edge of the expanding natural health industry.

Each and every product we make is formulated by our Chief Practitioner and founder, Amber Lynch, and handcrafted by our small, but dedicated, team.  Amber began her health focused career studying massage therapy in Chicago.  With every intention of  adding to this modality, she moved to Arizona to study Western Herbalism and Holistic Nutrition at the Southwest Institute of Healing Arts.  Studying under JoAnn Sanchez of Botanica, Amber began her life changing endeavor of both the science and spirit of medicine making.  This training not only taught Amber the careful steps to extract the medicinal components of each plant, but also honed her understanding of the spirit of the plant itself.  While completing her studies, Amber spent time in the garden, in the classroom, and as a student assistant to a clinical herbalist in Phoenix to help further her clinical knowledge base and deepen her roots in the herbal world.  Infusing her workspace with positive and fun energy, she ensures all of Urban Herbal’s creations are made and packaged with love and care!